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Scaling Up the Hydrogen Economy

Set Sail to Artificial Intelligence

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Hydrogen technology is a clean alternative for fossil energy carriers. However, the area-wide distribution is still insufficient due to challenges in the industrial production of components.
We are seeking approaches to close this gap.

The identification, validation and implementation of the right AI (Artificial Intelligence) use case is a continuous learning process, and also a crucial part towards successful use of AI. Our four-step approach ensures, that only the truly promising and value-adding use cases are pursued.

Can you develop and launch breakthrough innovations also in uncertain times like these? Of course you can!
The INC Invention Center presents selected insights into the six elements needed for World Class Innovation and the services we offer in these fields for your support.

How can hydrogen change the future of the energy supply? What has to happen from a technical and economic point of view for fuel cell technology to become more widespread?

While the technical fundamentals of fuel cell and electrolyzer technology have been known for a long time, the industrial and scalable production of the stack components and the adaptation of accompanying periphery (the so-called „balance of plant“) at economically justifiable conditions are yet a large hurdle. Along the whole hydrogen value chain, from production to storage and transportation until the final utilization, there are currently many unsolved questions when it comes to area-wide usage.

During the last two years, in close collaboration with the Center Fuel Cell Industrialization at the RWTH Aachen Campus, we have gone the first steps on the path to a future, hydrogen-based energy supply. Together with our research and industrial partners, we have gained deep insights into the technological state-of-the-art applications and identified processes to implement the industrial production of the necessary components. While we recently focussed on technological challenges like industrial production processes for forming and coating of bipolar plates, dedicated hydrogen tank materials, etc, we now have widened our focus on the whole hydrogen value chain.

Together with industrial partners from eleven companies in the consortium project „Scaling Up the Hydrogen Economy“ we are trying to overcome the existing hurdles. We are developing joint processes and strategies to further advance the diffusion of hydrogen-based technologies in both mobile and stationary applications.

Are you also interested in the field of tomorrow´s energy supply? Or did you already develop your own ideas and now are looking for suitable partners for implementation? Don´t hesitate to contact us!
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a well-known term in today´s industries – many ideas and possible applications have been identified inside companies to increase efficiency and productivity. Nevertheless, numerous implementation attempts fail due to the complexity of the selected applications or confusion about the issues that shall be solved.
Does this somehow sound familiar, as you also had to go through similar experiences?
Before implementing any AI solution, the identification of suitable use cases and the verification of feasibility within the existing framework and infrastructure is a mandatory and crucial step. It is absolutely necessary to have a clear idea of the internal or external customers´ problem that shall be solved, to avoid focusing on structures and processes that are (yet) too complex or simply not ready to implement an AI-based solution for. Our »AI Navigator«, enables companies to find their optimized way to introduce AI technologies successfully and profitably. The toolset, which consists of the four stages Ideation, Assessment, Data Testing and Implementation, can be easily applied by companies of any size. It simplifies the introduction of AI solutions by giving a pre-structure for customers who have not had any contact with AI so far or who want to open their minds to completely new application areas. The AI Navigator is integrated into a comprehensive training and advisory program by INC Invention Center.

INC Invention Center

INC Training Program 2021

Watch out our brand new program for professional training 2021. In the fields of Innovation Management, Digitalization & Industry 4.0, and Technology Management, we provide a comprehensive offer in varying intensities for bringing you and your employees ahead and strengthen the fundament of innovation in your company: The people who drive it!

Whether you want to get a short insight into a specific topic, need to access basic knowledge and competencies or wish to become an expert – we have a suitable course for you.

In each field, we offer short introduction classes (1 hour), basic trainings (1-2 days), and advanced seminars (3-5 days).

Do not miss your personal spot in our education program and register today. We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our trainings – virtually or in person.


First Interims Meeting

INC Exploration Day: March 17, 2021
„Resilience as Competitive Advantage in the New Normal?“
Interims Meeting Consortium Project H2 March 25, 2021
Meet the INC Invention Center: April 21, 2021
„Resilience as Competitive Advantage in the New Normal?“
Strategy development that breaks out of rigid structures and enables flexibility without losing clarity is of enormous importance – especially against the background of the latest crisis.
We will take up this topic during our Exploration Day and work on it together with our partners. You will also get an insight into the technology topics of 2021!
How will markets of hydrogen look like tomorrow? What are the latest developments in the fields of production, logistics and utilization?

The consortium partners of the project „Scaling up the Hydrogen Economy“ will meet for the first results of the market assessments that have been conducted along the whole hydrogen value chain.

Be part of it and join the consortium!

A functional ecosystem and a stable network are two key factors for successful innovations also in uncertain times. Equipped with suitable methods and profound knowledge, you can realize breakthroughs also under difficult conditions.

At our digital event „Meet the INC: Working Together for Success Even in Uncertain Times“ you will get an overview of suitable methods and best practices with plenty of time to enhance your network.

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