Consortium Project »Scaling Up the Hydrogen Economy«

The topic of hydrogen is currently the subject of emotional debate everywhere. Will it enable the production of green steel? Will it replace batteries in mobility? Is it just a hype that will soon die down? The fact is that hydrogen production, utilization & infrastructure technologies are heavily subsidized with several billion euros.

However, prices of components & systems are still not widely competitive. The industrialization of the related technologies is highly dependent on upscaling effects like intelligent production and industrial norms. Missing component innovations and material standards prevent the expansion of a hydrogen economy.

Become a partner in our consortium project to find out about your potential role in future hydrogen economy .

Value Proposition

  • Get a detailed market and technology overview in the highly dynamic innovation field of the hydrogen value chain.
  • Learn how and why hydrogen will serve as a central building block in the energy transformation.
  • Understand the implications of driver technologies, such as the influence of the hydrogen transport medium on hydrogen utilization or the influence of the production technology on the end-user.
  • Get comprehensive component overviews for key technologies in hydrogen production, infrastructure, and utilization.
  • Understand which white spots ’ are future fields of innovation in terms of design, material properties or production processes.
  • Identify new business opportunities and define your company’s business strategy within the hydrogen economy in bilateral innovation workshops.
  • Benefit from networking for potential future collaborations

Project Workflow

In the Market Assessment, the first phase of the project, you will get an overview of the relevant products, pilot activities and concepts in the areas of hydrogen production, infrastructure, and utilization. After this phase, you will have gained a fundamental understanding of the hydrogen market and will be able to decide which technologies to focus on in the second phase of the project.

In this second phase of the project, infrastructure components will be examined with regard to safety and standards, and the structure and operation of hydrogen production technologies like electrolysis and utilization technologies such as fuel cells will be presented in detail. The mutual implications of the technologies on the other elements of the hydrogen value chain are thereby always considered and highlighted.

In the final project phase, we identify currently unsolved technical challenges in individual workshops and work with you to develop concepts on how your specific skills and competencies can contribute to solve these existing whitespots.

After project completion, you will thus be in a position to determine your own place in the hydrogen economy and successfully participate in this promising growth market.

Further Information

Dr. Léonard Kröll will be happy to answer any further questions.

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Project Kick-Off: January 2022

Project End: September 2022

Number of participants: 10 -20 consortium partners

Participation Fee: 29,000 €

Target Group

The project is intended to support companies in identifying and consolidating their location in the volatile and dynamic hydrogen market.

Companies from almost all sectors are therefore invited, as we have found in the past that numerous white spots exist and even companies that at first glance have no connection whatsoever can make a valuable contribution to the widespread industrialization of hydrogen technology with their know-how.

Your Contact

Dr. Léonard Kröll

Lead Expert Sustainable Energy Systems
Mobile: +49 160 2412014