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Creative Space: INCworX

Ideas are ten a penny. Only choice and implementation of the right idea save your sustainability.

Just 10 percent of all ideas got the potential to open new business areas and obtain disruptive changes by using new competences, so markets get whirled up and the competition is turned upside down. Such innovation plans often represent a high financial risk. The X in INCworX stands for this 10 percent of ideas, which can be conceived on the Invention Centers’ area and be transformed in marketable products, services and business models.

Creative Space: INCworX Aachen

What is INCworX about?

INCworX supports the futures manager in multiple ways by accelerating innovation projects and minimizing the financial risk:

  • Free thinking and experimentation in a protected surrounding
  • Ideas can be manifested in a prototype very quickly, so it gets more tangible
  • Ideas can be assessed based on relevant and quickly available information
  • Sound decisions get prepared

Breakthrough ideas are not arising in a vacuum: Inventions and discoveries need stimuli, that thrill, rouse and can’t be forgotten. The impetus often comes from a side you wouldn’t expect. That’s why it is so important to allow interaction and diversity, create flexibility and freedom, to try something new.

INCworX gives you the opportunity for a vivid exchange between researchers and discoverers, test candidates and target groups, like-minded people and sparring partners of varied disciplines. Exciting information about the latest trends and modern workshop-concepts also fuel and support new approaches.
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At the INC-Lab there is a huge space for your creative work – about 40 people can operate here.

The atelier offers a workshop including modelling-material for your first prototype. We quickly build functional prototypes with the aid of our local partners. At the TrendCube inspiring impulses about varied technology and marked trends are given by using the latest media and the impact on your business activity will be discussed. Furthermore, you get the chance to create your personal idea-workshop in one of our four working areas. And don’t forget to rest in the cozy lounge from time to time or use our modern kitchen for teambuilding events and exchange.

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Present your topics, products and technologies in front of public – up to 80 people can visit INC-Stage. With 300qm it offers generous space for presentation and exhibition. It is possible to individually design INC-Stage, so you have the chance to work in small or huge groups.
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The INC-Space offers you a workplace within the INCworX according to your own needs. The INC-Space promotes the exchange of ideas. Whether planned or spontaneous – the work in the Co-Working Space brings different people together, creates a modern working culture and offers an ideal environment for the creation of new innovative approaches.

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