Oct 1 to 2 2020 – 14th Technology and Innovation Management Conference

Technological differentiation and operational efficiency are no longer sufficient to remain competitive in the long term. In many cases, new business models are the basis of disruptive innovation which enables market success. The competence to recognize technological potentials at an early stage, develop them in a targeted way and to convert them into products in the market with the suitable business model will decide whether to achieve success or failure in the future. A prerequisite is a consistent technology and innovation strategy. In numerous lectures from science and industry, you will learn how to design an appropriate technology and innovation management with suitable processes, structures, and methods.

Certificate Courses

Chief Technology Manager

The aim of the Certificate Course “Chief Technology Manager” is to enable participants to implement successful approaches of technology and innovation management in their own companies. Top-class speakers from science and consulting will explain the theoretical foundations as well as successful approaches to selected topics in modern technology and innovation management. The main focus of the CTM is on case studies and exercises in which the participants will concretize and apply the theoretical foundations. In addition to the content of continuing education and training, interdisciplinary exchange and networking are in the foreground. The program includes a detailed presentation and deepening of successful approaches from science as well as from industrial practice.

Chief-Technology-Manager-100x100 Mar 03 to 27 2020, Aachen (fully booked)
Jun 15 to 19 2020, Aachen
Oct 05 to 09 2020, Munich

Chief Technology Manager

Business Model Innovation

A competitive business model is the fundament for successful entrepreneurial action. That is why not only products and technologies have to be continuously improved, but also your own business model. The certificate course “Business Model Innovation” at RWTH Aachen University offers you an introduction to innovation management processes and teaches you BMI tools such as the Business Model Canvas and Rapid Business. You will learn methods of potential recognition with which new business models can be successfully designed and implemented.

Dr. Frank T. Piller, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the RWTH Aachen University. The course program provides for close contact with RWTH speakers and experts from the industry. They receive professional support and sufficient space for networking with the course participants.


Lean Innovation

Against the backdrop of competition, successful innovation and development management are becoming increasingly important. The basic idea of Lean Management is to create ‚value without waste‘. The holistic approach of the “12 Lean Innovation Principles” has been developed to transfer the Lean Management philosophy into the area of innovation and development management. Development productivity can thus be significantly improved. Lean innovation encompasses the entire development process from innovation strategy, idea generation, product architecture design and development by phasing out the product at the end of its life cycle.

The aim of the seminar is to provide a practical introduction to the subject of lean innovation in order to derive successful implementation across all areas of the product life cycle. The seminar introduces the topic of Lean Innovation and thus provides a basis for the implementation of “Lean Thinking” in innovation and development management.

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Experience Industrie 4.0 live – Hands-on from Concept to Application

“The term is simple, but the concept is highly complex. Not all have understood the full scope.” This quote from Prof. Henning Kagermann, President of the German Academy of Engineering Sciences, sums up the problems of many manufacturing companies: Decision-makers have difficulty breaking down the ideas of Industrie 4.0 into concrete goals for their own organization.

The aim of the seminar will be to combine theoretical understanding with practical application. The versatile facets of Industrie 4.0 are to be understood in depth and experienced live in a 1,600 m² demonstration factory. In addition, the participants will use their newly acquired knowledge to develop an initial specific implementation strategy for their company. Through an “Industrie 4.0 – Position Determination” and the development of technology approaches, a participant specific roadmap will be developed, guided by experts from the WZL. The results will be reviewed during seminar discussions.

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Seminar Technology Strategy & Roadmapping

An explicitly formulated technology strategy will enable you to set priorities, make the right decisions and use your resources efficiently. The aim of the Seminar is detailed presentation incl. deepening of the key elements of a successful technology planning, technology strategy, and technology road mapping. The benefits, content, and procedures of the development of a technology strategy and roadmap will be presented. Moreover, company-specific approaches will be elaborated. The focus of the seminar will be on practice-oriented lectures based on findings from the Fraunhofer IPT‘s longstanding consulting practice, combined with work units in small groups. The maximum number of participants is 20.

Seminar Technology Intelligence

In view of the ever-shorter product and technology lifecycles, the worldwide rapidly growing technological knowledge and new customer requirements in global competition, the need for an early and effective technology detection is steadily increasing. The aim of the Seminar is to provide a detailed presentation incl. a deepened knowledge of the essential elements for a successful technology foresight. Therefore, procedures, tools and methods will be presented and specific solutions will be developed interactively in a case study. The focus of the workshop will be on practiceoriented speeches based on findings from the Fraunhofer IPT‘s long-standing consulting practice, combined with work units in small groups.

Innovation Days

Innovation Day – Digital Process Optimization

Modern information systems allow us to track the execution of business processes. They allow us to obtain valuable traces of event data, describing the historical behavior of the process. However, interestingly, when companies aim to get more insights in their business processes, they typically rely on stakeholder interviews, to construct an overview of the process. Process mining techniques allow us to get an overview of the process and to get insights in conformance and performance statistics of the process, on the basis of event data, capturing what actually happened during the exeuction of the process.
In this innovation day, you learn how to get advanced insights in business processes, by means of analyzing historical data captured during the execution of these processes. The impulse event provides an overview of the possible applications and enables you to apply the method of process-oriented data analysis independently on the basis of an industrial case study.

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