9. April 2020

Questions and answers about the platform Corona.Kex.net

  • What are the current challenges in the procurement of bottleneck articles?
  • Why should you produce locally?
  • How can Corona.Kex.net help with procurement?

Dr. Myron Graw, Partner of KEX AG, answers these questions in detail in the following video.

Due to the current corona crisis, hospitals and care facilities are facing significant challenges in the procurement of medical goods. Most of them do not have an international procurement network, which is why we see it as our duty to actively support such institutions with the help of our international procurement network.

The strained supply chains often result in delayed, if not canceled, deliveries. Local production is a reliable way of ensuring production and delivery capability not only in Germany but also throughout Europe.

Through our long-standing cooperation with international procurement partners from China, the Fraunhofer Institutes, as well as network partners of the entire RWTH Aachen Campus, we can address all the above-mentioned challenges and use and leverage the procurement networks.

We are there for you. We would like to help you make sure that your help gets to where it is most urgently needed.



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