6. May 2022

INC Innovation Updates – May 2022

The increasing number of unforeseen events has revealed several economic weak spots and has made us aware of how vulnerable our business models and processes are. Although each company firefights their individual emerging issues, one general requirement for businesses can be derived: the ability to…
22. October 2021

INC Innovation Updates – October 2021

Sustainability is not an option but a simple necessity to keep our earth livable and habitable. We at #teamimpact are firmly convinced that innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence will play a key role to achieve this goal. The current and…
29. April 2021

Industry 4.0 – The Next Game Changer?

Supporters in business, research, and politics like to refer to Industry 4.0 as the fourth industrial revolution. In reference to previous industrial milestones, the term describes the digitalization of production facilities with the integration of modern IT systems and the…

18. March 2021

The INC Training Program 2021

The new INC training programme is available! Learn more about our broad programme here and benefit from our knowledge.

10. March 2021

INC Innovation Updates – March 2021

First Interims Meeting Scaling Up the Hydrogen Economy Set Sail to Artificial Intelligence Meet the INC Invention Center Hydrogen technology is a clean alternative for fossil energy carriers. However, the area-wide distribution is still insufficient due to challenges in the…
12. November 2020

Meet the INC Invention Center, 26th November 2020

“Together for success even in uncertain times” is the motto of our digital event “Meet the INC Invention Center” on November 26, 2020. The goal of every company is to be successful and innovative. At our digital event, we will…

9. November 2020

Career Day Innovation, 25th November 2020

Save the date – November 25, 2020! In coorporation with the Karrierepool and RWTH Career Center we have organized a digital recruiting event. Top employers and top executives of RWTH Aachen University will meet from 6:00 pm – digitally via…

28. October 2020

VLOW now on Kickstarter

First product launch from the cooperation with the VOSS Incubator of VOSS Automotive GmbH. As the first project of our cooperation the VLOW was launched last week at Kickstarter. The VLOW is a smart device that can be easily installed…

7. October 2020

INC Annual Meeting 2020

Everything different, everything digital. Due to the continuing restrictions imposed by the corona virus, this year’s annual meeting of the Invention Center was held for the first time as a purely digital event on the day before the TIM conference.…

9. September 2020

Update 14th TIM Conference

News about the 14th TIM Conference! The most important thing first: The TIM Conference 2020 will take place! For the first time as Digital TIM Series – a conference series consisting of seven digital events. Look forward to practical expert…

14. May 2020

INC Semi-Annual Meeting & Exploration Day

This week our first INC virtual semi-annual meeting took place. After a short update on the center activities, the virtual meeting focused on the effects of the Corona Virus. We took a close look at following specific areas: Rethinking TIM…

12. May 2020

Welcome, THIELE!

With Thiele, we can welcome the world market leader for chain systems in conveyor technology for the raw materials industry into our industrial network. As a specialist for lifting technology, load securing and bulk materials handling, we are pleased to…

28. April 2020

Toni Drescher | Campus Story

The Campus Story by Toni Drescher Supply chains and how they can be optimized and managed are a very prominent topic in our #Weiterbildungsformaten. The current situation gives us a very concise use case in the direct #Campusumfeld on how…

28. April 2020

Corona.Kex.Net / Question – Answer Toni Drescher III

Why are we your strong partner in the procurement of bottleneck articles? – Toni Drescher, Managing Director of the INC Invention Center, answers this question in the following video. We want to help you by bundling all the needs…

23. April 2020

Corona.Kex.Net / Question – Answer Toni Drescher II

How do we help your industrial company in concrete terms? – Toni Drescher, Managing Director of the INC Invention Center, answers this question in the following video. To pave the way to a new normality, you need personal protective…

23. April 2020

Corona.Kex.Net / Question – Answer Toni Drescher

Why is there a need for a digital supply platform? – Toni Drescher, Managing Director of the INC Invention Center, answers this question in the following video. In the past weeks, we have mainly helped medical institutions to provide…

13. April 2020

Corona.Kex.Net / Question – Answer Patrick Neudegger

Questions and answers about the platform How can I register as a supplier? How can I support the platform? Do you also accept material donations? How is quality assurance carried out? Patrick Neudegger, Technology Manager at KEX AG, answers…

9. April 2020

Corona.Kex.Net / Question – Answer Myron Graw

Questions and answers about the platform What are the current challenges in the procurement of bottleneck articles? Why should you produce locally? How can help with procurement? Dr. Myron Graw, Partner of KEX AG, answers these questions in…

7. April 2020

Corona.Kex.Net / Question – Answer Sebastian Pfestorf

Questions and answers about the platform How can I register my requirements? What happens after the transfer of requirements? Sebastian Pfestorf, Technology Scout at KEX AG, answers these two questions in the following video. As a user, you only…

6. April 2020

WDR Lokalzeit Aachen –

WDR Lokalzeit Aachen reports on Our procurement initiative has received overwhelming feedback in recent weeks. More than 100 facilities have already registered on our platform and reported their needs. First deliveries are reaching their users and support the…

31. March 2020

We want to help – Tell us your needs

Report your needs under The supply of medical bottleneck articles like respirators, breathing apparatus and protective gowns is a real challenge for our country. We must work together to act quickly now. The staff in the individual hospitals are…

16. March 2020

Update Coronavirus-Precautions

The integrity of our customers and employees is our top priority. Due to the latest cases of coronavirus infection, which are already known through the media, we have taken various precautionary measures within the company. For example, our employees are…

27. February 2020

Corona infection cases in the district of Aachen

The integrity of our customers and employees is our top priority. Due to the latest cases of coronavirus infection in the district of Aachen, which have already been reported in the media, and the current incalculable spread of the virus…

16. December 2019

Come and join us!

On 22 January 2020, we will present the work of the Invention Center and provide insights into selected lighthouse projects of the RWTH Aachen Campus. Join us on a visit to the birthplace of the smart e.GO Life electric car…

27. November 2019

The new INC Program 2020 has been released!

Also in 2020, exciting cross-industry groups and studies on current trend topics await you. The INC Invention Center has set itself the goal of rethinking technology and innovation management and facing the challenges of a digitalized, rapidly changing and networked…

19. November 2019

Impulse No. 10: Taking the perspective of value-creation partners

–Thinking from the customer’s point of view A better understanding of the intrinsic motivation of important value creation partners holds the potential to create additional benefits in the innovation process at different points in time. Closer cooperation across the entire…

21. October 2019

Impuls No. 8: Implicit knowledge for more innovative strength

– Interdisciplinary cooperation promotes the reduction of silo mentality Silo mentality represents one of the central obstacles in the innovation process. Companies that have successfully anchored an open innovation culture place regular innovations on the market. To this end, employees…

14. October 2019

Meet Otfried Schwarzkopf at the 13th Aachen TIM Conference

VOSS Automotive GmbH has set up an incubator for the development of innovations in the INC Invention Center and thus uses the easy access to the ecosystem of the RWTH Aachen Campus. Meet Otfried Schwarzkopf at this year’s Technology and…

21. August 2019

Why do companies opt for internal exploitation of innovation?

Companies decide as to whether the innovations from corporate incubators are used internally for various reasons. Since not all innovations are suitable for transfer to the parent company, the companies have defined adequate criteria for their selection.

31. July 2019

On July 12, 2019, the new consortium project “Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence” started!

During the inaugural event of the “Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence” consortium project, the consortium of 15 industrial partners met with the experts from the RWTH Aachen Campus and the Fraunhofer Institutes for Production Technology (IPT) and Secure Information Technology (SIT) to formulate their expectations of the benefits of applied technology AI technologies in industrial ecosystems.

28. February 2019

INC Recruiting Event

For the first time, we hosted the ‘Recruiting Event’ for the members of the INC community.

26. February 2019

INC Exploration Day

Last Friday, we welcomed our INC Community members in the course of the semi-annual meeting in our INCworX landscape on the topic: “Customer Needs – Exploring the known and unknown requirements.”

26. June 2018

The RWTH Aachen Campus wants to it know exactly

“Our basic idea is to look at technology and innovation management from an entirely new angle that would allow us to overcome the mounting challenges of an increasingly digital and ever changing world.”

15. June 2018

Agile Hardware Development

Compared to traditional development approaches, the use of agile methods offers great advantages in hardware development, especially in the early project phases.

6. March 2018

Networking Event 2018

On March 13th, participants have the chance to get in touch with other KEX partners and INC members from different companies and industries.

22. May 2017

INC introduces itself in a new splendor

At the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium (AWK) 2017 the Invention Center (INC) introduced itself and its new interior. Good conversations, new acquaintances and some tasty treats guaranteed a successful event.

14. March 2017

Semi-annual meeting 2017

The Invention Center’s partners can always be sure to get support of a huge network of experts. The annual partner meetings provide the opportunity to maintain and extend business contacts.

3. March 2017

INCworX: A new world is rising

The Invention Center (INC) is going to give its customers the opportunity to have a closer look on their production – far from the daily working life, so new ideas could be born – that’s the way to new products.