6. December 2018

How can the change to an agile organization succeed?

70% of all innovation managers who took part in a survey on current issues in technology and innovation management (TIM) at the 12th Aachen TIM Conference asked themselves this question. The topics mentioned can be assigned to two areas:

  1. Change management on the way to an agile organization
  2. Methodical approaches in agile development.

Currently, the future managers are primarily concerned with the question of how an agile innovation culture can be anchored in rigid structures and old thought patterns. As a result, the development of an agile innovation culture can be the key success factor.

The mindset of decision-makers in companies is a basic condition for an agile innovation culture

Short- and long-term success factors can be found in the implementation of an innovation culture both in the organization itself and in its environment and in the choice of tools and processes. All decisions regarding organizational measures set the course for agile action and thinking. An agile mindset of the decision-makers in the companies is therefore essential. Once the right conditions have been created, an agile innovation culture can be developed step by step.