Consortium Project Technology-driven Sustainability

Everybody is talking about a CO2-neutral industry. This is not just about climate-neutral production and processes. It also includes the entire supply chain and the downstream use of products.
Mechanical engineering companies need to find solutions, as do logistic service providers and the process industry. One thing unites them all: No one is exempt from the regulations. So what does industry need to trigger today to survive tomorrow? Become a partner in our consortium project to get insights of the current legislation and which levers a company can use to reduce its CO2 footprint for a sustainable production.

Value Proposition

  • Use this fast-track knowledge project to determine your strategy in the highly relevant topic of complying to pushing sustainability regulations
  • Get a detailed overview about action fields for a sustainable production focused on technology-oriented levers as well as current and future environmental regulations
  • Receive structured insights into new and evolving technologies/ solutions to address the major action fields and levers for sustainable production & supply chains
  • Identify new opportunities and define your company’s strategy within the technology-driven sustainability
  • Benefit from networking for potential future collaborations

Project Workflow:

Project schedule

The project kick-off will take place in February 2022. In the first project phase, we provide you with an overview of the technology-driven fields of action for CO2-neutral production and logistics, as well as an overview of current and upcoming regulations in relation to environmental protection.

In this first phase, we identify the most important sustainability levers and the quantifiable impact on environmental pollution. After this first project phase, you will have gained an understanding of the most important influencing factors for sustainable production.

In the second project phase, we identify new technologies and technologies under development that address the previously determined levers and action areas.  From this, we derive the problems and possible joint solutions of the consortium partners.

In the final third project phase, we conduct company-specific workshops together with you to enable you to set the respective most important course with regard to sustainable production in your company.

Additional Information

For further information do not hesitate to contact our team. Find the contact data in the right column.

Download our Onepager with the most relevant information about the consortium project here.

Overall Concept “Sustainable Production”

The consortium project is your first step on the way to a smart and sustainable future and your access to our expert network.

Find out in consortial benchmarking together with the INC Invention Center, the Fraunhofer IPT and the Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University how successful structures and processes work in practice.

Likewise, we accompany you in the implementation of the particular processes.


Project Kick-Off: February 2022

Project End: September 2022

Number of participants: 12 – 25 consortium partners

Participation Fee: Between 15,000 € and 30,000 € *

Target group

Participation in the consortium project is open to companies from a wide range of industries.

The target group includes companies from the manufacturing sector as well as companies from the logistics or supplier industry that are interested in increasing their own sustainability potential.

Your Contact

Daniel Führen

Head of Sustainable Production and Materials

Phone: +49 0241 51038-636
Mobile: +49 1515 444 8617

Project Lead

The Consortium Project is conducted by: