28. November 2019

In order to sustain its position in global competition and to enable positive corporate development, VOSS has decided to establish a separate unit – the VOSS Incubator.

The aim of the VOSS Incubator is to lay the foundation for future new business areas today by expanding the current business areas. This new unit is based in Aachen, Germany. Innovative ideas can be developed and promoted more quickly. The INC Invention Center supports VOSS Automotive GmbH with its expertise in the development of the Incubator. In addition, the location at the RWTH Aachen Campus offers access to great innovation and technology know-how. With the help of the existing ecosystem, initial ideas can be quickly developed, prototypes tested and markets validated.

Paul Zeller from the Fraunhofer IPT heads the Incubator. He is group leader in the technology management department, has many years of project experience and was responsible for various incubators. Eva-Marie Schubert plays the role of network manager at the INC and supports the Incubator in the area of structured provision of technology and market information. Through her strong network on the Aachen campus, she ensures that suitable experts are found for the individual projects and provide active support. The newest member is Dr. Thomas Welfers. He accompanies the daily business of the incubator. Starting in October, Anne Bernardy will complete the innovation team.

You can find the detailed interview here:
Interview with the VOSS Innovation Team