13. April 2020

Questions and answers about the platform Corona.Kex.net

  • How can I register as a supplier?
  • How can I support the platform?
  • Do you also accept material donations?
  • How is quality assurance carried out?

Patrick Neudegger, Technology Manager at KEX AG, answers these questions in the following video.

As a supplier, you register in the same way as the users of our platform Corona.Kex.net.

There you will find the form to register directly as a supplier. As soon as you have registered your articles, we will check the already registered requirements of the individual facilities and then establish contact. We also gratefully accept material donations and are pleased about every recommendation of our platform.

For quality assurance, we work with external partners, such as the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to ensure that suppliers are qualified and meet the required standard.

Let us overcome this crisis together.



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