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INC Technology and Innovation Summit

Save the Date: INC Technology and Innovation Summit, 23 – 24 June 2021

Towards an Intelligent and Sustainable Future

This year, the 15th Technology and Innovation Management Conference appears in a totally different dress: We are happy to invite you to our INC Technology and Innovation Summit! 

Under the headline technology meets innovation „Towards an Intelligent and Sustainable Future”,  we will experience technological as well as methodological enablers for innovation in two parallel streams: 

  • Day 1, 23.6.21: Technology & Innovation Management and Industry 4.0 
  • Day 2, 24.6.21: Artificial Intelligence and the Hydrogen Economy 


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Preview on Program

Find below a preview of our topics for the Technology and Innovation Summit 2021!

Updates will appear in this section within the next weeks, when we will reveal the full set of speakers as well as the dates and times of the entire program.

What we already can tell you in advance: We will start and end both days with a joint session, where you also have the chance to network and discuss. After the morning session, we will then split up into topic related streams.

June 23, 2021


Technology & Innovation Management – Shaping the Technological Transformation

The TIM-Stream of our Technology and Innovation Summit aims at enabling participants to implement successful technology and innovation management (TIM) approaches in their own businesses. The stream will focus on practice-based impulse speeches given by top-level speakers from industry and research, introducing successful approaches on selected fields of modern technology and innovation management: from the right culture and mindset to organization and processes and the conception of separate innovation paths.

Experience and discuss current challenges and successful practices in TIM through case studies and selected stimuli from industry and applied research in technology and innovation management.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – What are the best practices and learnings of those companies which have already thoroughly introduced it? Learn about the challenges of scaling individual pilot applications in single machines or lines to the whole production network. Some companies have experienced, that limiting industry 4.0 to their own production creates barriers to achieve value elsewhere. In the end they have perfect data about their own production – but then lack transparency into other corporate functions or supply chain partners. We will present approaches and discuss experiences to make full use of the gained flexibility by ensuring proper end-to-end integration in the company and with the supply chain. We will also talk about how to drive forward to the more ambitious goals of industry 4.0 – optimized integrated planning, the use of AI in production, and the use of your production network to enable new digital business models.

June 24, 2021


Artificial Intelligence – Leverage Innovation From Cloud to Edge AI

The AI Innovation Stream offers an overview on the numerous facets of Artificial Intelligence in industrial practice. The spectrum of topics ranges from innovation approaches in AI technologies to specific expert talks of implementers from research and industry. How do you teach an AI ethical behavior? What advantages does Edge AI hardware offer companies in terms of data sovereignty and response speed? Successful AI players and top-class speakers will share their expertise, best practice examples and strategic considerations with the participants.

Join the exchange with pioneers, experts, practitioners as well as international players and get started with AI in your company and business.


Hydrogen Economy – Developing Tomorrow´s Energy Supply

How can the spread of hydrogen as a climate-neutral energy carrier and mobility driver be advanced? The Hydrogen Stream is dedicated to questions around the establishment and enlargement of a hydrogen economy.  Already today, hydrogen production, utilization & infrastructure technologies are heavily subsidized with several billion euros. However, prices of components & systems are still not widely competitive. The industrialization of the related technologies highly depends on upscaling effects like production, norms, standards and infrastructure. Missing component innovations and material standards prevent the expansion of a hydrogen economy.

Become part of our Hydrogen Stream to expand your network and identify new potential innovation white-spots in the hydrogen economy.

Target Group

The conference is aimed at specialists and managers of technology-oriented companies, especially from the areas of:

  • Research and Development,
  • Technology and Innovation Management,
  • New Business Development,
  • Strategy,
  • Production,
  • Technical Purchasing.


We are happy to welcome a team of top-level speakers for our summit. Below you can find some information about the particular persons.

We will continuously amend new information here, so please feel free to return anytime.

Prof.- Dr. Frank Piller – Chair for Technology- and Innovation Management, RWTH Aachen University
Prof.- Dr. Tessa Christina Flatten – Chair Technology Management, TU Dortmund
Dr. Stefan Thomas – Executive Director, INC Digital Products & Ventures
Rob Aalders – Startup Spirit
The BS in Corporate Innovation

Being an innovator, investor, intrapreneur, and entrepreneur Rob has experienced many sides of innovation. Today, he supports corporates and startups to make a high impact. The focus is on finding and developing innovation talent, as gaining the skills and mindset is at the core of every success.



INC Invention Center

The INC Invention Center on the RWTH Aachen Campus is the place where visionaries and future planners redefine your business. Whether agile hardware development, stress testing or start-up screening, we make your company ready for the future. With targeted training offerings, your employees will become chief technology managers and gain the tools they need to meet upcoming challenges. Check your “Innovation Readiness Level” and put together the program that will give your company the new spirit of innovation you need. As an INC Partner, you will have an influence on the main topics on which we focus our activities in R&D and consortia projects.

Cooperation Partners


KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

KEX Knowledge Exchange AG is a professional information service provider for technology and market information. Intelligent knowledge management systems as well as the comprehensive connection to exclusive information sources and a unique network of experts enable an effective scanning, scouting and monitoring of technologies and markets. The company supports entrepreneurial decisions from the identification of competitively relevant technologies, to the monitoring of markets, competitors and M&A candidates, to new business fields.


Fraunhofer IIS/EAS

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is one of Germany’s most important industrial applied research facilities for the development of microelectronic systems. The scientists in the Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, located in Dresden, develop key technologies for the connected world of tomorrow.
Major aspects of their work are the design of reliable microchips and complex electronic systems in leading-edge semiconductor technologies as well as the corresponding design methods. Furthermore, they focus on the development of intelligent sensor systems, the analysis of large amounts of data as well as on new approaches for distributed control systems. Tailored to current industrial needs and future challenges, the researchers work on adaptive and robust technological solutions in a broad range of applications such as mobility and industrial automation.


Fraunhofer IPT

The aim of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT is application and industry-oriented research and development for companies from the entire manufacturing industry. They implement the results of their work directly into the operational practice of their customers. The industry focus of the Fraunhofer IPT ranges from automotive engineering and its suppliers, in particular tool and die making, to aerospace, precision mechanics and optical industries, and machine tool manufacturing.


Center FCI – Fuel Cell Industrialization

The increasing pressure for emission-free mobility and CO2 footprint reduction in all industrial sectors is sharpening the focus on hydrogen as an energy carrier. Therefore, companies who want to offer competitive products in the energy sector and in the field of mobile drive systems must develop system and industrialization competencies contributing to the hydrogen economy. Although technical solutions for the generation, storage and conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy in the form of fuel cells and electrolysers have been in the market for a long time, these solutions are still not competitive due to their high manufacturing costs.

Objective of the Center FCI is to significantly improve the economic efficiency of these systems through an interdisciplinary, pre-competitive approach for applied research and implementation of new materials, designs and production technologies.

Review of past TIM-Conferences


The 14th TIM conference under the motto “Innovation 2030 – Managing the Technological Transformation” was held for the first time as a “Digital TIM Series”. In a total of seven “Digital TIM Series” events, together with top-class experts from industry and academia, we discussed how the TIM can respond to the radical changes in the markets and fulfill its performance mandate to shape the technological transformation.



At the 13th TIM Conference under the motto “Collaborate to Innovate – Making the Net Work”, more than 100 experts and executives from the manufacturing industry engaged in lively discussions about the challenges of collaboration in the innovation environment.



The 12th conference was held under the motto “Agile Invention: Hype or Game Changer?”. The Fraunhofer IPT and its spin-off the INC Invention Center once again welcomed more than 100 experts and executives from industry to the Quellenhof in Aachen on October 25 and 26, 2018.



The 11th conference was held under the motto “Managing Breakthrough Innovations” and included an in-depth presentation of successful innovation approaches from both industrial practice and science. Fraunhofer IPT and the INC Invention Center once again welcomed more than 150 experts and managers from industry to Aachen’s Quellenhof on October 18 and 19, 2017.



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