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From Idea to Innovation – Activate your Potential with the INC Training Program!

In times of rapidly changing ecosystems and market requirements, building strategic, business and technological know-how is the foundation of every company. To survive in today’s competitive environment, both product and service innovation are needed more than ever. Lifelong learning and the knowledge culture are trends that influence us all and will accompany us in the future.

The ideas for innovations can be found in almost every company – but often the necessary methodological knowledge or practical implementation experience to tackle these ideas is lacking. The INC training program offers everyone the opportunity to develop competencies and mindsets in the areas of innovation and technology management as well as Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. After all, technology- or market-driven innovations cannot only come from the outside, but must be prepared and promoted from within.

We look forward to getting to know you and working with you!

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    Opener: Introducing Innovation Management (0,00€)Opener: Business Model Innovation (0,00€)Opener: The Cycle of Digital Transformation (0,00€)Opener: Industry 4.0 - The Future of Digital Transformation (0,00€)Opener: Upcoming & Future Technology Trends (0,00€)Opener: Upcoming & Future Technology Trends - AI (0,00€)Opener: Upcoming & Future Technology Trends - Hydrogen (0,00€)Opener: Introducing Technology Management (0,00€)Basic: Agile Methods for Innovation (295,00€)Basic: Agile Innovation Entitites (895,00€)Basic: Agile Project Management (895,00€)Basic: Customer-Centric Development (895,00€)Basic: Advanced Tech Leadership (895,00€)Basic: Introducing & Implementing Business Models (895,00€)Basic: Implementation of Industry 4.0 Transformation Projects (295,00€)Basic: Digital Production - is more than automation (895,00€)Basic: Basic Concepts of AI (495,00€)Basic: AI Navigator - Train the Trainer (295,00€)Basic: Industrialization Potentials in the Hydrogen Economy (495,00€)Basic: Technology Strategy & Roadmaps (895,00€)Basic: Technology Foresight (895,00€)Basic: Competence-based Diversification (895,00€)Advanced: Agile Innovation & Product Creation (3.900,00€)Advanced: CC-Agile Innovation Development (3.900,00€)Advanced: Leading Agile Production (3.900,00€)Advanced: Leading Agile Production in the Process Industry (3.900,00€)Advanced: Deep-Dive into Artificial Intelligence (3.995,00€)Advanced: Innovation White Spots in the Hydrogen Economy (2.495,00€)

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