Artificial Intelligence 2021/2022: Understand – Apply – Benefit

Become part of the Consortium Project »Artificial Intelligence 2021/2022: Understand – Apply – Benefit« and learn how you can use the potential of AI for your company.

Whether in operational processes, new product functionalities or services – artificial intelligence can support you in optimizing these processes.
We offer you a comprehensive range and extensive experience of our proven experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

We support you in taking the optimized path to the use of AI that is tailored to your needs- Our consortium project, which we are now conducting for the third time, is much more than a study, but rather offers numerous other added values for the establishment of AI in the participating companies.

Results/ Value Proposition

  • Company-specific AI maturity assessment taking into account economic, technological and organizational aspects
  • Development of detailed solution approaches for the implementation of relevant measures
  • Prototypical implementation of jointly selected application examples
  • Competence development: basic AI training and 5-day intensive AI training course
  • Creation of a roadmap for the implementation and use of AI in the company even after the end of the project
  • Overview of relevant suppliers, research partners, and start-ups
  • Accelerated process and product development through international expert network
  • Participation in overarching funding projects related to AI
  • Free participation at the Technology & Innovation Summit on June 23rd and 24th, 2021

Project Workflow:

After the project kick-off to the Technology and Innovation Summit in June 2021, we will conduct individual AI readiness workshops with you to make a realistic comparison of expectations and reality for potential AI use cases. Outcome of the workshop will be a status quo assessment and derivation of recommendations for action.

The results of the AI readiness workshops serve as the basis for the second phase, the targeted technology scouting, in order to identify relevant solutions for the use cases identified in the consortium. In this way, we simultaneously generate a consortium-wide knowledge base and individual recommendations for action with each partner. During the first and second phases, several one-day basic training courses will be held to provide you with essential insights and fundamental knowledge about AI.

In the third phase of the project, a selection of the identified use case examples will then be prototyped, for instance, on the basis of a training & testing platform. Furthermore, an intensive AI training course for deeper understanding on these examples will be designed and conducted. As a result, the participants receive a targeted implementation roadmap.

Methodologically, the process is supported by our proven approach of the AI Navigator“.

In addition, networking activities of the partners will be continued after the end of the project, through, for example, cross-cutting AI projects, networking and mutual knowledge exchange.

Additional Information

For further information do not hesitate to contact our team. Contact data at the right column. Download our Onepager with the most relevant information about the consortium project here.

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Project Kick-Off: June 25, 2021

Project End: April 5, 2022

Number of participants: Approx. 15 consortium partners

Participation Fee: Between 7.500 and 30.000 € *

Target Group

Participation in the consortium project is open to companies from a wide range of industries.  The project addresses (potential) AI users from sectors including industrial automation, automotive, semiconductors, mechanical and plant engineering, and healthcare.

We will be happy to provide you with more comprehensive information during our free webinar.

If you want the most relevant information at a glance, please follow this link to download our one-pager.

Your Contacts
INC Invention Center

Antonela Sisejkovic

+49 (0) 241 51038 -614

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS

Anne Loos
+49 (0)351 4640 – 807

* The participation fee depends on the company size (number of employees):

  • Up to 50 employees: 7.500 EUR
  • Between 51 and 250 employees: 15.000 EUR
  • More than 251 employees: 30.000 EUR

Project Lead

The Consortium Project »Artificial Intelligence 2021/2022: Understand – Apply – Benefit« is conducted by: