4. December 2017

The hottest topics concerning technology- and innovation management

During the 11th Aachen Technology and Innovation Management Conference in October, we wanted to know from our 200 guests which three ‘hot topics’ concerning technology- and innovation management currently bother them.


The first place is shared by two topics which were mentioned by 15% of the participants each. One of them is “Agile development”.

Does agility make sense in the context of hardware development? Which changes of the organizational form and leadership culture need to be practiced to successfully develop agilely in a company? How long will the line organization remain – or do we need it more than ever?

These questions will be answered within our consortial benchmarking “Agile Invention” (Start February 2018). The aim will be to find successful, field-tested solutions in the context of innovation- and technology management and to make use of their benefits.

Another 15% of the members are interested in the question which “innovation methods” are useful and expedient.

How can implementing the theory of modern innovation management in the entrepreneurial practice be succeeded? How does customer-focused innovation, scrum and design thinking work? Moreover, the methods of technology-scouting and their realization in technology-radars are of special interest.

Ranked 3rd with 10% of all votes: The topic “Culture”.

The participants raised the question how established cultural models and the employee’s mindsets could be impacted positively so that a company is positioned innovatively and sustainably. This also implies the question on how to develop divisions settled in completely different cultural environments.

Considering the frequency of all given responses, the topic “Change in organization form” and the trend “Digitalization” are following the previously mentioned issues with nine percent each. Altogether, the presented five topics cover more than 50 percent of all votes.

We want to thank all participants and are looking forward to an exciting year 2018!

Save the date: 12th Aachen Technology and Innovation Management Conference on October 25–26, 2018. E-Mail us for further information.