6. March 2018

KEX and INC Invention Center Host 1st Joint Networking Event

For the first time, KEX Knowledge Exchange and INC Invention Center invite their customers to a joint networking event in Aachen. On March 13th, participants of the event have the chance to get in touch with other KEX partners and INC members from different companies and industries, giving them the opportunity to think outside the box of single events and consortium projects.

The event will take place in the INC facilities in the Cluster of Production Engineering in Aachen. The day, which will be started off by Toni Drescher, CEO of KEX, will focus on current technology trends. Blockchain Technologies, Advanced Materials, Printed Electronics and Future Mobility – these and more trends enable innovations, which create new chances and challenges for the industry. During the networking event, some of these key topics will be addressed and discussed.

The participants have the opportunity to exchange views on the mentioned trends and innovations and they will be able to take part in an ideation session, offered by INC Invention Center, to get an insight into the innovative environment around the technology site Aachen.