19. October 2017

Invention Center celebrates opening of INCworX on RWTH Aachen Campus

The Invention Center opened its INCworX in the Production Engineering Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus during the 11th Aachen Convention for Technology- and Innovation Management lasting from October 18th-19th. The creative space is available for use by members of the Invention Center for secured collaboration with scientific researchers and industrial partners. Moreover, ideas can be tested quickly on concrete prototypes.

The Invention Center is a network of national and international representatives of industry and research. The members collectively work on current topics from the field of technology and innovation management.

By moving into Production Engineering Cluster, the Invention Center expands its range of services by the INCworX. “With INCworX, we offer our members an inspiring environment on 1000m2 and therefore the opportunity to work on prototypes in an early stage and receive customer feedback, especially for disruptive innovations. In INCworX, these processes take place far apart from habitual structures and corporate routine. Our aim is to encourage a lively exchange between researchers, innovators, test candidates and target groups, like-minded people as well as sparring partners of all kinds of disciplines, which is, by this means, only possible in Aachen”, as Toni Drescher, Head of the Invention Center, describes the approach of the new creative area.

Viega takes over offices in the Invention Center

The Viega Holding GmbH & Co. KG is the first company to move into two offices within the Invention Center and to benefit from the location on RWTH Aachen Campus. “In our more than 115 years long-lasting corporate history, we brought up many pioneering innovations. For this reason, I am happy for us to be part of Aachen’s highly innovative research environment, from which we can benefit in the intense exchange with other partners”, points out Walter Viegener, executive associate of Viega.

Viega’s facilities in Aachen will mainly be used to kick off projects regarding research and advance development. Ralf Baginski, Viega’s Chief Technology Officer, particularly expects new incentives and suggestions for product and technology development from the network. The family company already has been working together successfully with the Invention Center for several years. By founding a site in Aachen, the company wants to enforce the cooperation once more significantly.

Hence, Viega plans to promote the visibility of the company in Aachen with the new offices and thus attract applicants from the direct surrounding. “The remarkable potential of highly qualified graduates and doctoral candidates was another essential reason for us, to become involved beyond the premium partnership in the INC”, emphasizes Viega’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Peter Schöler, regarding the company’s decision.

Viega belongs to the leading producers of installation technology for sanitary and heating. The enterprise group employs more than 4000 employees worldwide.