6. May 2022
The increasing number of unforeseen events has revealed several economic weak spots and has made us aware of how vulnerable our business models and processes are. Although each company firefights their individual emerging issues, one general requirement for businesses can be derived: the ability to react fast.

Whether in the production or along the whole supply chain, the overarching solution presented for the emerging challenges is still digitalization. Today, digitalization is omnipresent and already indispensable in the lives of consumers. However, the business world lacks the ability to utilize its full potential.

Even though most companies and factories have begun implementing industry 4.0 pilots, few have managed to scale digital infrastructure and applications to generate substantial benefits. Our expert team accompanies several renowned companies primarily in producing industries on their journey to I4.0. With our continuous experience, we can support to address current challenges and leverage the proven benefits of I4.0 throughout the company in three main areas:

CDOs, Strategy Executives,
Transformation Leaders

How to move from pilot to full roll-out and benefit from the digital transformation

Managers & Experts of Logistics,
Supply Chain & Planning

How to create transparency and react best and fastest to changes?

Managers & Experts of Production,
Quality & Maintenance

How to create and utilize the infrastructure for flexibility and optimizing production assets?

Your journey towards a digitalized production has already started with promising pilot projects? Perfect! Unfortunately, many fail to scale and extend to the entire value chain. We guide along the way from island solutions to a holistic strategy.
Your digital production will benefit from the proper knowledge, the most current and relevant information, and the maximum implementation speed. Be faster and more efficient than your competitors.

Our training program is designed interactive and closely aligned with your current economic pain points to provide you with the most valuable benefit.
Therefore, our range extends from

✔️ one-day training “Digital Transformation and Scaling” to gain first insights
✔️ over an intense week certificate-course as “Chief Technology Manager” in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPT and RWTH International Academy (CTM Certificate Course Information)
✔️ to individual coaching and consulting

We create and challenge i4.0 strategies, establish an i4.0 sustaining organization and structure, and define lighthouse projects beyond the factory.

📍 Workshop: Digital Transformation & Scaling

Our experts share insights on current challenges and potential solutions, as well as global trends, initiatives, and application fields.
Discuss with us how to scale the Digital Transformation throughout your company.

📅 May 11, 2022
🕐 1 – 3 p.m.
💳 exceptionally free of charge
✍️ Register here: Webinar Registrierung – Zoom

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Dealing with versatile requirements is daily business in production planning. Juggling with customer demands, material, machines and personal resources as well as maintenance is nothing new.
#weknowwhy digitalization of supply chains and integrated planning lead to more resilience against sudden changes.
Create transparency by digitalizing your supply chain and gaining valuable time to react to supply bottlenecks. Combined with integrated planning, you can increase the resilience of your business processes against unexpected events and improve your reaction capabilities to sudden changes in customer requirements.

Our clients and partners regularly benefit from our comprehensive portfolio:

✔️ one-day training to get access to the basics of this topic
✔️ become an expert with the certificate course “Chief Digital Operations Manager” provided in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPT
✔️ New: With our Company-Quick-Check regarding Supply Chain and Energy we provide a structured overview of the current status quo based on a well-founded questionnaire and prioritization of recommended actions.

Moreover, our experience in bilateral coaching and consulting innovation projects in this field include:

✔️ Roadmapping for higher transparency in the logistics industry for an association
✔️ Improvement of forecast accuracies and of planning in complex situations
✔️ Development of a platform (e.g. Corona.Kex.net) with early detection of potential shortages to be able to take countermeasures in time for resilient supply chains

Let us check whether this concept helps achieve your corporate goals in a personal meeting with our experts.


Consortium Project “Digital Supply Chains & Integrated Planning

Based on the three pillars “Training”, “Assessment” and “Best Practices”, we convey the necessary methods and expertise for the horizontal integration of Industry 4.0. We enable your company to successfully implement valuable digital building blocks. Use the consortium meetings to exchange your experiences and questions with our experts and other participants.

📍 Workshop: Digital Supply Chain & Integrated Planning

In this workshop, our team provides insights on current challenges, global trends, initiatives, and application fields and discusses possible solutions for rapid reaction and plan adaption in terms of disrupted supply chains.
📅 May 16, 2022
🕐 1-3 p.m.
💳 exceptionally free of charge
✍️ Register here: Webinar-Registrierung – Zoom

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Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance or Automation of specific processes for more efficiency, is more and more in the focus of your daily business. Pressure for automation with smallest batch sizes – how can this go together? How to react fast to untransparent, changing markets?
As a result of analyzing over one hundred factories in several countries, we gained knowledge ranging from technological research to technology introduction.

Thus, bilateral innovation projects incorporate setting up organizations to harmonize technology building blocks across different factories, standardization of IT/OT architectures, evaluation of technology solutions, and support in the selection of solutions as well as the base of technology selections for IT architectures, sensor architectures, automation solutions, etc. Moreover, we developed a software designed for material testing laboratories following the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

INC Invention Center – Digital Operations

The INC Invention Center offers tailor-made program with individual services.

Start with the I4.0 Check-up to kick-off your individual journey into the world of digital production. During the assessment, a specially developed I4.0 maturity index is applied by our experienced team to determine the current status quo of your digital supply chain and planning activities. Based on this on-site check of your facility, we identify best practices and scout the market for successful solutions that already exist.

Our global i4.0 ecosystem with partners in Asia and Middle Europe, constantly adding new insights and forming a supportive network around emerging trends in digitalization.