3. March 2017

“Think different!”

The Invention Center (INC) is going to give its customers the opportunity to have a closer look on their Innovation – far from the daily working life, so new ideas could be born – that’s the way to new solutions. The motto is called: “Think different”!

New ideas don’t arise in a vacuum – people need stimuli, incentives and inspirations to think about innovations. Based on that, the Invention Center (INC) on Campus Melaten wants to create a place where technology and innovation management comes to life. When companies come together at INC, they get insights on how to improve their production, develop new products and experience a new way of collaboration and team building.

From vision to reality

The so-called ‘world of experience’, which boosts creativity and gives new food for thoughts, will be presented for the first time at the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium on 18th and 19th May. It will be called INCworX: A space that stimulates the development of innovation; A “workshop”, where ideas are created and first prototypes are built. The ‘X’ stands for the 10% of the truly radical ideas in the product development portfolio, which are often not implemented in companies.

Visiting INC means thinking different, feeling good and optimistic and working more productively. That’s because INCworX is designed in an open and welcoming way: Light colors, wood and an impression of concrete, combined with green highlights create an “urban style”. Therefore, INCworX offers an inspiring environment, an area that fosters freedom for innovations, exchange and experiments. In addition, several information about current trends, a huge network of experts and innovative working-spaces fuel new intellectual approaches.

It doesn’t matter whether you book our ‘world of experience’ for your own workshops or attend an event moderated by us: The atmosphere of INCworX is going to inspire the passion for exploring and the researcher’s resourcefulness – far away from daily structures and routines.