22. May 2019
Which challenges in technology and innovation management do your company face at the moment?

We are facing the challenges of digitalization: On the one hand, we have to keep up with the rapidly changing world, on the other hand, we want to shed light on the dark for our customers and partners. Most companies already know that industry 4.0 is inevitable and are in the middle of the digital transformation process. However, we also notice that the added value for many companies is not always clear. This is a challenge that currently dominates the market in general. For us as providers of smart services solutions, the question always arises whether a certain technology is just hype or a game changer. That’s why we are committed to keeping a close eye on the market, responding to changes, building on our expertise and providing our customers with timely and comprehensive information.

Which way led you to the INC Invention Center on the RWTH Aachen Campus?

It is especially important for us to develop and implement ideas as quickly, customer-oriented and close to the market as possible. That’s why we’ve been working with the RWTH Aachen Campus for a few years now – whether in studies or research projects. For us, membership of the INC Invention Center is the logical consequence. If a company wants to experience industry 4.0 live, being a member is almost a prerequisite. For us, industry 4.0 also means cooperation. The inclusion of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platforms and the manufacturers creates ecosystems. Exactly these ecosystems can be found here. In the Invention Center, research and industry partners work together at the same level on the same mission. Innovating in the network is a daily routine at the INC.

What do you want from the INC for the future?

The exchange with industry is important to us because this is the only way we can completely satisfy current and future market needs. The INC should continue to motivate companies to look beyond their own horizons and question traditional cooperation.
We recently opened a representative office in Finland. We also hope that the INC will continue to grow internationally. This is the only way to ensure comprehensive technology and innovation management, coupled with the right discussion and cooperation partners.