23. October 2017

Information, knowledge exchange, agreement of topics – these were the event’s goals.

The Members of the Invention Center could hardly expect the 20th October, because this was the date of the annual meeting, which summarized the past year 2016/17 by presenting and comparing important findings and results of the INC projects.

But just as important as the pasts results is taking a look into the future. Therefore, the members were able to inform themselves about upcoming topics. After the presentation of the topics the partners were able to vote, which projects they would like to deal with in the following year. Of course, in this case it was possible to ask questions, get inspirations, propose own topic-ideas and plan the upcoming year together. The latest program will be published on the Invention Centers website.

The visitation of the e.GO Mobile AG, which is at the same building as the INC, brought an exclusive insight into the mode of operation at the company. How an electric vehicle is produced? And – that is probably the most important question – how comfortable is such an e.GO? Those questions got answered in an unforced way.

Furthermore, there was a positive atmosphere at the Get-Together, which took place at the eve of the annual meeting. At the modern and recent completed premises of the Invention Center, the INCworX, a tasty menu was cooked and enjoyed together, in injunction with an event chef.

We are happy to look back at a successful annual meeting and want to thank every member, which contributed a part to the constructive event. We are looking forward to the next period in 2017/18 and are curious about upcoming projects.