6. May 2022

INC Innovation Updates – May 2022

The increasing number of unforeseen events has revealed several economic weak spots and has made us aware of how vulnerable our business models and processes are. Although each company firefights their individual emerging issues, one general requirement for businesses can be derived: the ability to…

22. October 2021

INC Innovation Updates – October 2021

Sustainability is not an option but a simple necessity to keep our earth livable and habitable. We at #teamimpact are firmly convinced that innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence will play a key role to achieve this goal. The current and…

29. April 2021

Industry 4.0 – The Next Game Changer?

Supporters in business, research, and politics like to refer to Industry 4.0 as the fourth industrial revolution. In reference to previous industrial milestones, the term describes the digitalization of production facilities with the integration of modern IT systems and the…

10. March 2021

INC Innovation Updates – March 2021

First Interims Meeting Scaling Up the Hydrogen Economy Set Sail to Artificial Intelligence Meet the INC Invention Center Hydrogen technology is a clean alternative for fossil energy carriers. However, the area-wide distribution is still insufficient due to challenges in the…