A membership fitting your preferences

Become a member of the INC o the RWTH Aachen Campus and feel the pulse of technology and innovation management. You decide which topics we will research and adjust the format of our advanced trainings to your individual needs. Connect yourself with the community of experts and gain new knowledge from each interexchange.

By choosing one of our three membership models BASIS, BUSINESS or PREMIUM you will profit from our extensive service offer.

Our partnership models


The basic member is granted access to our TIM Community as well as to further training offers under beneficial terms.



The business member receives on top of the services granted to basic members further benefits like gratis participation on working teams and a variable budget of 5.000 €, which can be invested in TIM Research Projects.



The premium member receives on top of all the services granted to business members further benefits like a variable budget of 20.000 €, which can be invested in TIM Research projects, as well as a partner office located on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Furthermore, he becomes member of the executive board.


Decision relevant topics of the annual meeting

Setting sails in October

Once a year during the annual meeting of the INC members the sails will be readjusted in October. Whether trend studies, working teams or training courses – depending on the membership model you will decide which topic in which way will be focused.