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Keep an eye on the major technology trends

In collaboration with more than 30 partners from industry and research, the Invention Center regularly conducts extensive technology and market studies, creating transparency in 12 months as to the requirements and technological potentials in a given area of technology.

The Invention Center also runs Technology Days and conducts benchmarking processes on a range of trending technological subjects. The Technology Days will give you insights into the relevant subject area and will equip you with all the information you require on the latest research. You will hear all about interesting developments coming out of the TIM Community at the RWTH Aachen Campus, keeping you up to date on state-of-the-art technological processes and helping you to profit from the latest advances in technology and innovation management.

The INC staff design, organize and moderate workshops on subjects from the field of technology and innovation management. They analyze your requirements meticulously and develop appropriate workshop solutions. As an INC member, you can help to curate the topics which merit investigation and familiarize yourself directly with the knowledge acquired. You will have exclusive access to the outcomes putting yourself in a good position to extend your pioneering role.


Our workshops take place in the premises of INCworX and form the framework for a methodical supporting innovation process – starting with the idea and ending with feasible services, products and business models. With distance to business routine, we awaken the enthusiasm for innovation of your co-workers and support them by understanding clients and realizing breakthrough ideas.

Inspire: Ideas need enthusiasm!

We create desire and curiosity for thinking and working in a creative way. We vitalize encrusted thinking-processes and enthuse your co-workers for changes, which is a prerequisite for achieving accepted and supported implementation processes in your company. We focus on holistic thinking – starting with the idea and ending with a business model innovation, while the “entrepreneur’s spirit” awakens in your co-workers.

Challenge: Reinvent yourself by using our destructive methods!

We identify the disruption-risks of your products, business models and value chain. This merciless outside-in perspective on your company allows to reveal business risks and product substitutions. So, you can prevent imminent disruptions of your business premature.

Futurize: You don’t need to predict megatrends – they already exist!

What is the meaning of megatrends according to your entrepreneurial future? Together we systematically analyze relevant megatrends and derive specific innovation fields. As a result, a picture of your future arises, which builds the base for concrete customer-focused products and business models.

Accelerate: Quick and moveable in self organizes teams – Let’s develop in a fast and efficient way, without maximizing the risk of error.

In a creative environment, far from daily working life, we create new enthusiasm for developing physical products. Here you can feel, how delegating tasks, responsibility and competences works. In various laps we create ideas, illustrations, technical sketches, prototypes and business models by using agile methods.

Identifikation der Potenziale und Risiken aktueller Technologietrends

In collaboration with the Knowledge Exchange AG we offer consortium studies, where potentials and risks of the latest technology trends will be identified, analyzed and made ​​tangible for each consortium through an interdisciplinary and cross-industry approach. Here you can find an overview of all consortium projects.