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With more than 30 network events per year, we actively shape the transfer of knowledge between science and industry. As a member, you can participate in consortium projects, cross-industrial groups, coaching sessions, the start-up screener, or take advantage of our extensive range of workshops to design, organize and optimize your professional technology and innovation management and to expand and deepen your knowledge of technology.

Network Events

Within the Collaboration Space, representatives of the centers, institutes, companies and start-ups present their current projects and future research and development projects in short presentations. They are then available for a “consultation hour” and in-depth discussions. Thus, we offer numerous opportunities to network with the 250 institutes, 16 centers and our more than 350 registered companies and to find cooperation partners. Each year, between 30 and 50 network events take place.

Trend Days

For the trend days we prepare current market, technology and management trends and present them to the members for discussion. Evaluate the impact of these trends on your products, processes and business models. You gain insights into new innovation methods and support in implementing them into your innovation process.

Consortium Projects

In the consortium projects, we compile a structured overview of current and future technology and market trends for you. We then determine detailed technological information as well as technology, business and innovation potential for specific applications and create scenarios or business cases according to your specifications. On the website of our partner KEX Knowledge Exchange AG you will find an overview of all current consortium projects.

Cross-Industry Groups

Representatives from different market segments and technology fields come together in cross-industry groups to discuss and work out focus topics. Cross-industry transfer of know-how and mutual coaching are the primary focus here. We moderate and document the results for you. Here you can find an overview about our Cross-Industry-Groups for 2018:

  • Digital Transformation – Roadmap and Implementation
  • Product development 4.0
  • TIMEX – topics from technology and innovation management
  • Start-up screening and match-making for a selected search field
  • Agile Development in Process- and Pharmaceutical Industry

Take advantage of our workshop offering and gain new, comprehensive insights into your technology and market position:

  • Futurize: Together, we deduce future customer wishes and needs on the basis of a structured technology and market trend analysis. What does the voice-of-the-customer say in 3, 5 or 10 years?
  • Challenge: Stress test your company with a team made up of your unconventional thinkers and our analysts and experts.
  • Inspire: Think beyond product and process innovations and develop new digital business models.
Start-Up Screener

We will find the start-ups that are relevant for you in order to support your mergers & acquisitions activities and avoid surprises caused by the next disruptor. We will proceed in these three steps:

  • Identify: In a defined market segment or technology field, we carry out a comprehensive (content-related and geographical) search for the creation of a longlist.
  • Verify: You define attributes for prioritizing the results, on the basis of which we create a shortlist and company profiles for you.
  • Select: You now know the start-up that suits your requirements – we support you in initiating the cooperation.
Research Report

Our activities are summarized annually in a research report. This way you can keep track of the extensive services and results.