niklas coen

Our members are closely networked with each other. We keep you informed about the latest developments in technology and innovation management in regular annual community meetings. We provide you with information on new technology and market trends, quickly find the right discussion and cooperation partners and have access to the results of current and past projects related to technology and innovation management.

Our Members

A variety of perspectives guaranteed: The diversity of the registered companies is an essential success factor for us. Our members come from different market segments and technology fields and thus guarantee a maximum of different perspectives and approaches to current problems and future challenges.

Annual Meeting

Intensive cooperation and regular discussion rounds form the core of our community. The annual meeting is an opportunity to discuss current challenges and define the main topics for the coming year together with the members.

Advisory Board

Our premium members are firmly integrated as an advisory board into the strategic orientation and the content-related design of the INC Invention Center. In this way, we can guarantee our industry-relevant, state-of-the-art offering.

The INC Portal

The INC Portal gives you access to the results of past and current projects. Information on new technology and market trends will be made available to you. You can also use the opportunity to network with other INC members.


In cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University’s career pool, we take note of your requirements and search profiles and find your high potentials.