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We do development differently. Our innovation process is based on a hybrid approach consisting of classic Stage-Gate, agile development and design thinking. By means of regular prototyping and customer validation, we involve you in the Fuzzy Frontend and thus achieve a target-oriented, customer-focused development. The rapid implementation of your innovation projects in a protected environment outside of day-to-day business is made possible by our creative landscape INCworX.


Exceptional ideas are created in extraordinary places: Come with your team to our INCworX creative landscape and use the inspiring environment for the quick realization of an idea, right up to the Minimum Viable Prototype.

INCworX is equipped with a large presentation area and small, individually configurable workspaces for working in large and small project teams. More than 60m² of writable, mobile walls, 4 72″ touch screens, a kitchen, wine bar, lounge, TrendCube – the rooms offer an atmosphere of almost 1,000 m² and space for 10 to 100 people.

Collaboration Space

To strengthen your network, we have created a Collaboration Space with up to 30 mobile workstations within our creative INCworX landscape. Here you have the opportunity to work continuously for five days a week or, if required, directly in the INC Invention Center and to network on site with science and industry. In addition to Aachen, we offer our members a comparable collaboration space in Hong Kong.

Agile Hardware Development

Our philosophy for increasing development speed and reducing development costs is a combination of the classic Stage-Gate, Scrum and Design Thinking and puts the customer at the center of your development.

The process is classically divided into phases at the end of which a gate is passed through. The phases between the gates (the stages) are based on Scrum and are divided into different sprints from 2 to 4 weeks in which the project team works independently. Learn and adapt this concept for your hardware development. Many companies are already successfully using this hybrid innovation and development process.


The RWTH Aachen Campus stands for short routes. As a member you have access to an extensive range of machinery available for rapid prototyping.

Expert Map

Do you have questions about technologies, materials, methods? We know who knows the answers! Closely networked with the institutes and centers on the RWTH Aachen Campus, we provide fast access to the right experts and establish appropriate contacts.


More than 300 companies are already members of the centers of the RWTH Aachen Campus. With your enrollment, you demonstrate that you are one of the leading companies in the international innovation landscape. Increase your visibility as an innovation driver for your customers and the more than 55,000 students in Aachen.